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  • What is a Mortarless Wall?
    • Mortarless Walls are made up of modular units of pressurized concrete that stack and interlock to form a very strong wall.  As the name implies, no mortar is used between the blocks.
  • Do I need a foundation?
    • Yes, but nothing similar to a poured concrete wall or house foundation where you would need to excavate up to 4 feet deep and between 2 and 3 feet wide and pour a concrete foundation.  Typically all we need to do is excavate a trench 18 inches wide x 6-12 inches deep depending on the height of the wall.  The "foundation" is a mix of 3/4 inch stone down to stone dust.
  • With no mortar and no concrete foundation, is the wall strong?
    • Yes, no question about it!
    • The Stones are made of pressurize concrete.
    • Each row steps back (batters); by the time we get to the top many rows of blocks are actually behind the bottom row.
      • This reduces the hydrostatic pressure behind the wall by almost 33%
      • This also causes an aesthetic effect.  Instead of having a 4 foot wall that is straight vertically, "boxy looking", the battering of the courses causes a feathering of the wall.
    • Because each stone is not mortared, in essence that creates numerous drainage locations during heavy rainfall.
    • Behind the wall is filled with approximately 1 foot wide of gravel, causing the water to follow gravity instead of causing pressure, which causes other type walls (timber, poured concrete, cinder, brick) to lean or tip.
  • Does my wall have to be straight?
    • Absolutely not, possibilities are endless.  With the Diamond Block we can build convex (outside) curves, concave (inside) curves and slow winding serpentine curves.  see examples
  • Can I have steps integrated within my wall?
  • Can I plant behind my wall?
    • Yes.  You can plant shrubs, trees and grass.  When reinforced you can plant vehicles behind the top of the wall.  see examples
  • Do I need caps on my wall?
  • Do you only build with Diamond Blocks?
    • No, but....We have built walls using 6 or 7 different manufacturer's blocks.  Some are less expensive, some are lighter and some have different functions.  Taking everything into concern:  customers needs, ease of installation (no pins), cost, steps, caps and application possibilities.  The Diamond Block meets more of those that any I have used.  I have no affiliation with Anchor Block (manufacturer of Diamond Blocks) and will work within your needs.
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